Frozen Squid & Cuttlefish
Black Tiger Shrimps
Arabian Pandora
Baby Shark
Black Banded Trevally
Blue Line Snapper
Cat Fish
Double Bar Seabream
Grey Croaker
Humped Red Sea Bream
Indian Mackeral
Jack Mackeral
Job Fish
King Fish
Parrot Fish
Queen Fish
Rabbit Fish
Red Sea Bream
Red Snapper
Silver Sea Bream
Spotted Grunt
Sweet Lips
Threadfin Bream
Yellow Fin Tuna
Yellow Fin Tuna Loins
Swordfish Loins
San Pjer (John Dory)
Red Scorpion
Sea Frozen Atlantic Cod
Sea Frozen Haddock
Sea Frozen Saithe

Frozen Cuttle Fish, Squid, Baby Cuttlefish

Product Origin: Indian Ocean
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